My name is Janette Schoof and I am based in Nueva Andalucia in the south of Spain. I started building websites because I needed a website for my husband’s insurance business, and we didn’t have the large budget that seemed to be required. I didn’t want a flashy website, just something simple that functioned well, and didn’t cost the earth. My first website was very basic but did the job. Since then I have improved my skills and have built a few websites for other people.


My clients are usually small businesses who want a quality low cost website with their own name emails. I build the website, organize the hosting – that is put the website where everyone can see it, and set up new email addresses. After the website is built I continue to look after my clients, making updates to their websites where necessary and giving advice on Social Media Marketing and SEO. To see examples of some of the websites I have built, click here.


Do you need help understanding the basics of computers? I teach you how to do what you need to learn. I don’t teach you loads of things you will never use and will quickly forget. You set the pace.

I also work with Schoof Seguros – insurance agents with over 30 years experience specializing in insurance for Dutch & English expats living in Spain. They are also agents for Masmovil, a lowcost mobile network in Spain. For more information please visit www.schoofseguros.com